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B.A - Political Science

With a substantial number of courses drawn from the discipline of Political Science and a few interdisciplinary and skill-based elective courses, the Bachelors Honours programme in Political Science is designed to give the learner a strong foundation in the basic ideas, concepts, institutions and processes of politics and government at the national, regional and international levels.

4.5 Rating

What You'll Learn

The B.A – Political Science is a 148 credit programme consisting of the following categories:

  1. Core Courses (CCs)
  2. Discipline Specific Electives (DSEs)
  3. Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECCs)
  4. Skill Enhancement Courses (SECs)
  5. Generic Electives (GEs)
  • 10+2
  • BPP from IGNOU.
Course Features

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